Desert Highway Band

Eagles Tribute Band

Captivating and highly entertaining rock cover band and tribute to The Eagles!
Comprised of six talented professional musicians with years of experience
Set list inc. ‘Take It Easy’, ‘Hotel California’, ‘Desperado’ and ‘Witchy Women’
Perfect for theatres, corporate events, festivals and much more
Based in New York and available to perform at events worldwide

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Our critically acclaimed NYC rock cover band is one of the best tributes to The Eagles in the USA today. Giving captivating and highly entertaining live performances that will impress fans of and new comers to The Eagles alike, book our Eagles tribute band and you will not be disappointed.

Comprised of six passionate and experienced professional musicians who have been performing at events around the world for many years, our NYC cover band will take audiences on a nonstop journey through the best radio hits, top 10 singles and favourite solo works of one of America’s biggest rock bands. They also perform songs by artists directly related to The Eagles such as Jackson Browne and Poco, giving audiences an immersive history of this legendary rock band.

Performing The Eagles back catalogue with a unique edge, our Eagles cover band showcases rich vocal harmonies, intricate guitar solos and a full authentic sound that is created without the help of backing tracks. Each time they perform the show is utterly unique, as their set lists is continually evaluated and changed to create a one-off experience for their audiences.

Our Eagles Tribute band’s utterly thrilling live performances showcase intense attention to detail in their meticulously recreated performances of The Eagles original recordings and live on stage presence.

Hire our Eagles tribute band for festivals, as corporate entertainment for corporate functions, stadium events, theatres and much, much more. They are guaranteed to make your event one to remember.

Top Tip

Turn this amazing tribute show into even more of a fantastic live experience by adding a three-piece horn section to the six-piece band! All horn arrangements have been specially created to match the original material and add a unique experience to their live shows. Talk to our entertainment coordinators for more information.

To find out more contact our team of Entertainment Specialists.

  • One Of These Nights – One Of These Nights – 1975
  • Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh “but Seriously Folks” – 1978
  • Lyin’ Eyes – One Of These Nights – 1975
  • Heart Of The Matter – Don Henley “end Of The Innocence” – 1989
  • Victim Of Love – Hotel California – 1976
  • Walk Away – James Gang – “thirds” – 1971
  • New Kid In Town – Hotel California – 1976
  • In The City – Long Run – 1979
  • Hotel California – Hotel California – 1976
  • Take It To The Limit – One Of These Nights – 1975
  • Long Run  -  Long Run  – 1979
  • Rocky Mountain Way  –  Joe Walsh “the Smoker You Drink The Player You Get” – 1973
  • Best Of My Love – On The Border – 1974
  • Peaceful Easy Feeling – Eagles – 1972
  • End Of The Innocence - Don Henley “end Of The Innocence” – 1989
  • Dirty Laundry – Don Henley “I Can’t Stand Still” – 1982
  • Get Over It  - Hell Freezes Over – 1994
  • Already Gone – On The Border – 1974
  • Life In The Fast Lane - Hotel California – 1976
  • Heartache Tonight - Long Run – 1979
  • Desperado – Desperado – 1973
  • Take It Easy – Eagles – 1972
  • Funk 49 – James Gang Rides Again – 1970
  • James Dean – On The Border – 1974
  • The Sad Café - Long Run – 1979
  • The Last  Resort - Hell Freezes Over – 1994
  • Running On Empty -  Jackson Brown Running On Empty -  1978
  • How Long – Long Road Out Of Eden – 2007
  • No More Cloudy Days - Long Road Out Of Eden – 2007
  • No More Walks In The Wood - Long Road Out Of Eden – 2007
  • Ny Minute - Don Henley “End Of The Innocence” – 1989
  • Witchy Women - Eagles – 1972
  • Boys Of Summer – Don Henley “building The Perfect Beast” – 1984