Birmingham Ice Freestylers

Ice Skating Freestylers UK

Freestyle ice skaters performing acrobatic stunts and incredible displays
Will dazzle the audience with jaw-dropping fire stunts and ambient fire performances
Interactive ice skating shows can feature audience participation
Perfect for family-friendly events, corporate parties and more
Based in Birmingham and available for events throughout the UK

Ice Skating Freestylers UK VIDEOS

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Ice Skating Freestylers UK will amaze your guests with some of the coolest stunts they’ve ever seen on ice. This elite team provide stunning freestyle ice skating with acrobatics on ice and can even add in some breathtaking fire performances with crazy daredevil stunts. This is a group of freestyle ice skaters that have an intense passion for performing, ice skating and freestyle. 

Our Ice Skating Freestylers UK are perfect for kicking off any winter celebrations, themed events and corporate functions. Wherever there is an ice rink, these amazing freestyle ice skaters can perform their amazing tricks to seriously wow the spectators. An ideal choice of winter entertainment for city centres all over the UK. Together the versatile team of freestyle ice skaters perform at special events, openings and other public attractions to demonstrate the possibilities of ice skating. 

Available with or without fire, the freestyle ice skating shows are really great for events throughout the winter in city centres or at private functions. Other than delivering dramatic ice skating shows with acrobatics and excellent choreographies, the Ice Skating Freestylers UK offer elements audience participation to get the crowd involved.  

If you are looking for edgy and energetic winter entertainment for a family-friendly event or corporate party, these ice skating shows are very active and guarantee to entertain the audience. If you would like to book our Ice Skating Freestylers UK for your event, please get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment to find out more. 


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