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Walkabout Poodle Character

Fascinating walkabout giant white poodle character
Seen on the catwalk at the Berlin Fashion Week
Human sized dog is a captivating walkabout act
Incredible addition to any event type such as family friendly occasions, street parades, themed events and product launches
Based in Berlin and available for events all over the world

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What’s better than miniature poodle? An enormous white poodle of course! This giant dog turns heads everywhere. People stare in disbelief and before they know it, they want to touch it, stroke it and have pictures taken with it. The walkabout poodle character captivates viewers wherever it goes and is a stunning edition to any event.

Our fantastic performer is dressed in a stunning white poodle costume with stilts on both his legs and arms. The performer perfectly adopts the mannerisms of a poodle and enjoys nothing more than mimicking the actions of a real dog such as cocking a leg up on a lamp post, dancing on his back legs and nuzzling up to people. The walkabout poodle character is a fascination for children despite its size.

The white poodle is a walkabout dog character that found international fame at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin. It went down the catwalk with Boris Becker’s daughter and model Anno Ermakova for the fashion brand RIANI. 

Based in Germany, our walkabout dog character is suitable for almost any type of event. From family friendly occasions, street parades and themed events to private parties, product launches and fashion shows.

Top Tip:

The white poodle can be booked with the White Venetian Characters

Whether you're looking for a giant dog or a fascinating walkabout act, then contact our Entertainment Coordinators to enquire about booking the white poodle for your event. 

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