Kürzlich gesehene Acts


Wählen Sie aus einem spektakulären internationalen Repertoire an Tänzern für Ihre Veranstaltung: geschäftlich oder privat

You can't beat our unique selection of international dance artists. From brilliant Brazilian carnival dancers and majestic Ukrainian Cossack dancers to merry Polynesian hula dancers and elegant Russian ballerinas, there's a dance artist from around the world for every special occasion.


Bring culture and tradition to your event with our exceptional lineup of dance groups from around the world, performing in a variety of dance genres.

With an impressive international roster of dancers, we can cater to almost any dance in the world, providing you with fantastic, first-class entertainment. From authentic Brazilian carnival dancers and Polynesian hula dancers to Chinese lion dancers and dervish twirling dances, we've got you covered with culturally relevant entertainment.

With a combination of extraordinary costumes, professional choreography and traditional music, our wonderful dancers from all over the world deliver an absolutely breathtaking show at every performance, perfectly embracing the nuances and customs that make every style of dance in the world unique. Featuring dances from Africa, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, India, America, China, Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, New Zealand, Argentina, Japan, Spain, Russia and many more, our incredible show dances are sure to enchant your guests.

Our brilliant dancers are ideal for themed events, corporate events, exhibitions, ceremonies, private parties, festivals, product launches, gala dinners, cultural events and much more - with our brilliant international dancers your occasion is sure to be extra special.

AKTUELL IM TREND - Weltweite Tänzer In Germany