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Spezialisierte Beleuchtung, Beschallung und audiovisuelle Produktion für Veranstaltungen aller Größenordnungen: Firmen- oder Privatveranstaltungen

We offer audiovisual, sound and lighting options for a huge range of event types and sizes, delivering technical and innovative solutions for events around the world. Book our professional equipment and production to ensure each performance delivers the look, sound and feel your event truly deserves.


What kind of events are your sound systems and technical equipment suitable for? 

We work with a variety of local AV providers and tech equipment providers to ensure we have the best gear perfectly suited to your needs. Whether you need a small PA system for 50 guests or 10,000, we can provide the full backline and lighting or just a few extra speakers, we are ready for all types of events.

Does the equipment come with a trained technician or engineer who can set up and supervise the equipment?

If you need a sound or lighting engineer to set up and operate the rental equipment, we can provide one. If you only need a technician or engineer, that's no problem! Some AV and sound equipment suppliers only rent out their equipment and sound reinforcement systems if they use their own experienced personnel to set up and operate the equipment. Let our team know your requirements so we can suggest the best options for your event.

Do I have to provide something?

This depends on what lighting and sound system (if any) you provide; most AV providers are self-sufficient and only require electricity. If you need to provide anything this will be highlighted when discussing options and prior to booking confirmation. 

Can you offer event lighting suitable for a live performance? 

Yes, we offer a variety of lighting solutions. Whether you need lighting to transform a venue or to light up a stage for a live performance or recording, we can offer something for all needs.

Can you offer LED screens and interactive technology for conferences and exhibitions?

Of course, we can provide large screens for presentations or trade fairs, interactive screens or projections for your event. We have great entertainment offerings that are perfect for attracting clients at trade shows and we can also provide accessories and gear to go with it.

Can software or event lighting be tailored to our product and brand?

Some of our event technology and event entertainment solutions can be branded or even customized to fit a specific theme/storyline. In the rapidly evolving world of virtual reality, we can take your guests to a whole new world designed around your corporate event!   

Why should I book event sound production and event sound systems through Scarlett Entertainment & Events?

Our experienced events team can help alleviate the stress often associated with a technical rider. With a hassle-free booking process and a knowledgeable team, we can ensure your event runs smoothly.

How can I book 3D visualization and AV providers for my event?

Contact our helpful events team to discuss your technical event needs on +44 (0)1626 572072 or email info@scarlettentertainment.com.

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