Acrobatic Pole Artists

Acrobatic Pole Artists

One of the best and most varied pole performers in the industry
Athletic, exotic, burlesque, mafia, oriental, you name it, they do it
Perfect for corporate events, product launches, nightclubs
Performed at the Heritage Festival 2010 & PA's Got Talent
Based in Singapore and available to perform at events worldwide

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This pole dancing act is one of the most sort-after pole formers for corporate events in Singapore.  They are known to provide one of the best and most varied pole performances in the industry in terms of style and variety. The ladies have performed in some of the major events like Power Over Cervical Cancer, National Day 2009, PA got talents and Chingay, Heritage Fest 2010, Heart, Body & Mind Exhibition 2011, Palme Asia, Azimuth Extreme Challenge and many other major Corporate and National Events.

Athletic, Exotic, Fun & Fit, Lyrical, Jazzy, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Thematic e.g Burlesque, Mafia, Oriental, cheeky and even team building, you name it, they do it. Yes even teambuilding, using pole dancing doubles to highlight the teamwork, trust and balance of 2 people on the pole, they will spice up your corporate event.