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Crystal Moon Stilt Walkers

Crystal Moon Stilt Walkers

Beautiful female stilt walkers who make walking on stilts look easy. Dressed in elegant ethereal white gowns ready to capture the attention of guest
Perfect for night time events with the LED lights all over their costumes making the performance a magical experience
Perfect for themed events such as festivals, garden parties and more, whenever you want a unique experience for your event
Has previously performed at events such as Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Grand Prix, giving a high skilled walkabout performance
Based in the UK and available to perform at festivals, corporate events, themed parties, private parties and more worldwide

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Our stunning Crystal Moon Stilt Walkers are elegant, timeless characters that will add a touch of class and luxury to your event. The beautiful white stilt walkers are a walkabout act that seem to almost float past in their ethereal white gowns. Their elaborate and beautifully crafted dresses are adorned with luxurious white plumes of feathers, white satin and chiffon skirts that dance gently in the breeze and the soft glow of LED lights that catch the sparkle of the gems and pearls that are nestled into the detail of the costume. 

The Crystal Moon Stilt Walkers are not fairies nor are they angels but have an enchanting quality that lies somewhere between. The elegance of the all white costumes combined with the gentle and delicate movement of the female stilt walkers creates a slightly out of this world impression and will captivate guests of all ages and cultures. They present picture perfect moments for your guests to capture on their phones and cameras, which in turn should help create a larger social media footprint for your event.

The highly elegant Crystal Moon Stilt Walkers are brought to you by our very own award winning production company who has worked on global events for brands such as; Red Bull, Ferrari, Bloomberg and Prada. The duo is based in the UK and is available for events all over the world

Book the beautiful white stilt walkers as an unmissable walkabout act or a visually captivating welcoming act. Featuring highly skilled professional performers, these impressive female stilt walkers will tower above guests and will create a lasting impact. Perfectly suited to everything from enchanted garden parties and weddings to opening ceremonies and fantasy themed events. 

Contact us at Scarlett Entertainment to book the Crystal Moon Stilt Walkers. Our production team is also able to create fully bespoke costumes and entertainment options to give your guests a unique experience. 

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