Mobile Wind Tunnel

Mobile Wind Tunnel

Allow guests to experience the spectacular feeling of weightlessness
Practice the feeling of flying virtually everywhere and at anytime!
An airflow of 180 km/h lifts the participant up to 15 metres into the air
A fantastic option for adrenaline-junkies, core building experiences
Based in Munich and available to perform at events worldwide

Mobile Wind Tunnel PHOTOS

Are you ready for takeoff?

Bodyflying allows guests to experience a whole new, spectacular level of entertainment! With this mobile wind tunnel participants are able to experience the feeling of flying virtually everywhere and anytime.

An airflow of more than 180 km/h lifts the participant "weightlessly" into the air, supervised by a person in charge. Bodyflying provides hours of simulated skydiving fun.

No pervious experience is needed as the instructors prepare you diligently for your flying lesson. Those with more experience are able to reach heights of several meters without problems. "Professionals" are even able to reach more than 15 meters!

Whether you are looking for a new adventure for guests, want to provide your adrenaline-hooked members with a new core building experience, or have skydivers looking for an easy-access, low-cost training option, this mobile wind tunnel could be just what you need – all in a state-of-the-art mobile format.

Let yourself be carried and enjoy your flight!