Comedy Roaming Drummers France

Comedy Roaming Drummers France

Amazing walkabout drummers with infectious rhythms, great humour and audience interaction
Fantastic colourful and vibrant costumes that are a parody of tin soldiers
Seven drummers roam around interacting with guests whilst drumming
Extremely memorable walkabout act suited to many types of events
Based near Lyon and available for events all over the world

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Our fantastic Comedy Roaming Drummers France are a very light-hearted and very memorable costumed collective of walkabout drummers. With pounding up-beat rhythms, fantastical colourful costumes and a performance infused with humour, the roaming drummers are a one of a kind, and highly memorable act.

The comedy roaming drummers bring the fun to the audience rather than the audience come to them. They will elegantly strut their way through the streets, or at your event space, and seize opportunist moments to amuse the crowds. The comedy drummers are full-time entertainers who love to bring joy and laughter amongst audiences therefor, will always incorporate this into their routines. Circling around people, marching into shops, standing and looking over unsuspecting members of the audience and taking guests by the hand to dance with them, are just a few of their regular antics.

Comedy Roaming Drummers France are a group of seven flamboyant and extremely happy walkabout drummers. They come dressed in colourful vibrant, historical military-style costumes that are themselves a parody of tin soldiers. Complete with face paints, the unique appearance of the comedy drummers makes them extremely appealing to audiences of all ages. 

Part historical, part extravagant and extremely quirky, the comedy roaming drummers are suited to a wide range of events. From street parades, festivals and carnivals to themed parties and corporate events these walkabout drummers are guaranteed to always make a big impact. With the echoing sound of drums marching towards the crowds before they even see the comedy drummers, guests are always in for a treat once they come face to face with the drummers. 

Top Tip:
The drummers can also be booked for a spectacular Aerial Drumming Show or alongside Three Magnificent Giant Opera Singing Dames.

Contact our team of Entertainment Coordinators to book the costumed French roaming drummers for your event and watch as one by one, your guests end up with a big smile on their face. 

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