Horse Puppets France

Horse Puppets France

Book our giant 3.5m inflatable horses to surprise guests with an elegant and magical show unfolding right in front of their eyes
Our wonderful puppeteers transform in the space of 30 seconds into a herd of 3 to 12 majestic horses
Available as a parade with music or as a high-end stage show with up to 18 characters, special effect, background music and a flying Pegasus
The ideal street entertainment and a stunning spectacle during the day or at night, that will take audiences of all ages on a magical journey
Based in eastern France, these walkabout characters are available for at festivals, parades or themed events throughout Europe & worldwide

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Take a ride into a world filled with the fantastical! "Horse Puppets France" is an incredible show shrouded in magic and myth, where mere mortals’ metamorphosis into puppet masters of giant majestic horses, over 3.5m in height.

Made of white and ivory inflatable materials, this herd of horses can appear from nowhere in a matter of minutes. Watch these magical creatures dance their way through the streets and bring to life fantastic dreamlike images inspired by magical legends and myths. This unique act is accompanied by special effects including illumination, smoke, and ethereal music, creating a magical ambiance that will entice audiences of all ages.

A truly versatile show, this act can appear as a herd with 3 to 12 horses and is equally as suited to performances in the daylight, as it is to performances in the dark of night. The performances are totally flexible and adaptable to any event and the cast offers a variety of line-ups. The classic show includes a parade with music, 3 to 18 characters and a fixed grand finale with a ringmaster character. The finale is completely optional but can be enhanced by adding a 10m long helium inflated Pegasus for an epic large-scale show.

This act will not fail to bring the WOW factor to any event and if you are interested in booking them for an upcoming celebration, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts today.


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