Quick Change Performers

Quick Change Performers

27 costume changes and a stage full of flowers in 11 minutes
Guinness World Record Holders for fastest Quick Change Act
Have performed for an impressive 35,000 people at an event in Dhaka
Besides the Quick Change act, they can offer a stunning Illusion show
Based in Zurich, Switzerland and available to perform at events worldwide

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Appreciate the clever illusions of quick change, with this memorable duo act. With 27 costume changes and a stage full of flowers in 11 minutes, this show is great for any kind of event, where talent and beauty for the eyes is important.

It is stunning, impressive and beautiful, Natalie and Eli work together to provide an unusual and unforgettable experience tailored to the needs of your event. The pair work closely together to perfect their performances which has resulted in huge success for them both; 35’000 people watched their show at the Mirpur Cricket stadium in Dhaka, consequently resulting in multiple bookings all over the world.

More recently the duo are now the new Guinness World Record holders, having beaten the previous quick change act by 3 costumes, and managing an impressive 19 costume changes in 2 minutes. So, if you are looking for an act to impress your guests, then look no further.