String Artist Abu Dhabi

String Artist Abu Dhabi

Multi-skilled live event artist from the UAE with a range of innovative art options
Will create, in real-time, an image of your choice using just pins and string
Fantastic live event installation that unfolds in front of your guests' eyes
Great for public and corporate events. Can easily create images of celebrities and people
Based in Abu Dhabi and available throughout the UAE

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Our String Artist Abu Dhabi is a fantastic choice of live art entertainment if you are looking to provide your guests with something a little different and unexpected. The live event artist changes the perceptions of art by using unconventional methods which makes a fantastic impact with audiences of all types. 

Using a set of meticulously placed pins on a blank canvas, the String Artist Abu Dhabi interweaves each of the pins with string. A very similar process to a join the dots drawing. The live event artist wraps more string in certain areas to define shading or depth and the piece of art slowly comes to life in front of your guests' eyes.

This live art installation is a fantastic real-time experience for guests of all types. The process can take quite a long time so is perfect for guests to view throughout the event. It isn’t clear what the art installation is from the beginnings, therefore brings an element of surprise as some will see the image unfold. 

The Abu Dhabi based string artist is talented and multi-skilled live event artist who always likes to push the boundaries of live art entertainment. He is a fantastic glitter and speed painter as well as offering other types of art installation such as mosaics and much more. 

This live art entertainment is superb for all types of public and corporate events throughout the UAE. The live event artist can create all types of imagery and is really good a creating pictures of famous people and celebrities. He would usually use black string on white canvas but tailorable options are available including using coloured string for different effects.

Contact us at Scarlett Entertainment to book the String Artist Abu Dhabi for your event.

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