The Pink Flamingo

The Pink Flamingo

Wonderful act will captivate guests at your event
Large mechanical flamingo is a must see
Brings a touch of the exotic and unusual to any occasion
Ideal for festivals, street parades, themed events and more
Based in Brittany and available to perform at events worldwide

The Pink Flamingo VIDEOS

The Pink Flamingo PHOTOS

This fantastic gigantic mechanical bird is sure to be a talking point at your event, and will leave guests in awe and astonishment. The large flamingo slowly comes to life under the careful guidance of its puppeteers, unfurling its long neck and inquisitively exploring the surroundings from up high.

The rhythmic and amplified mechanical noises mingle with the call of the flamingo, creating a unique soundscape that helps to make it a truly immersive experience, with the stylised construction of the bird’s structure emphasising its anatomical movements.

Guaranteed to be a hit with young and old alike, The Pink Flamingo is must-have entertainment for your event!


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