Underwater Parade

Underwater Parade

Roaming street performers in elaborate underwater-themed character costumes create a colour sensation
Vibrant walkaround characters interact with passers by and show off thrilling bouncing stilt skills!
Outgoing roaming street performers including provide fantastic photo opportunities
Perfect family-friendly option for street celebrations, special outdoor events, festivals, national day celebrations and more!
This carnival procession is based in Dubai and available for bookings across the UAE and worldwide

Underwater Parade VIDEOS

Looking to book a mesmerising under the sea themed entertainment act for your next event? Look no further than our sensational Underwater Parade for an under the sea extravaganza! 

Take a journey deep into the big blue as our vibrant walkaround characters create an underwater carnival procession. Watch as an innocent mermaid carefully navigates the procession to avoid an evil sea queen with large tentacles! Seeing a real mermaid is every child’s dream and this beautiful, enchanting mermaid will not disappoint with her long golden hair, shell crown and glittering fish’s tail. She is sure to be the highlight of any under the sea themed entertainment. 

Joined by a whole host of friendly sea creatures, the evil sea queen is a bewitching villain with a larger than life personality. Look out for smiley, bright orange starfish, leaping seahorses, and coral-adorned creatures of the deep.

Watch as our roaming street performers’ elaborate costumes glint and sparkle as they dance and twirl past in succession creating a colour sensation. Embellished with gems, sparkling scales, pearls and shells, our eye-catching walkaround characters offer the perfect photo opportunity for guests and are always happy to pose for pictures with visitors!

Our walkaround characters are wonderful as both roaming acts as well as an underwater parade. Professional attention-grabbers, our fantastical roaming street performers are perfect for meeting and greeting, mingling, interacting and engaging with guests. 

Perfect for a wide range of celebrations, our Underwater Parade is an in-demand themed walkabout entertainment option for festivals, shopping malls, spring and summer events, and a variety of themed events! This one of a kind watery carnival procession will bring joy and fun to all the family as it swims through your next event.

To book this enchanting act and take your event to the next level, get in touch with our specialist team who will talk you through the booking process.


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