Providing unique yet traditional entertainment, our skilful and talented calligraphers and lettering artists specialise in all types of calligraphy including Chinese and European. 

Our calligraphy masters have decades of experience practising a range of calligraphy styles, logotypes and letterforms and offering live calligraphy performances at events. Either performing on stage with a projector or as a mix and mingle act moving from table to table creating unique mementos for each guest, our talented calligraphers provide exciting entertainment for corporate functions, product launches, cultural and arts events, weddings, private parties, exhibitions and trade fairs and much more! 

Completely versatile, our calligraphers are able to take special requests on the spot or provide bespoke calligraphy art that has been specially designed to promote a product, company or brand or advertise a specific message.  Able to write on scrolls, fans or paper, our calligraphy artists can tailor the medium of their performance to suit your specific event theme. 

Some of our traditional Chinese calligraphers can also provide customised Chinese seals made from stone in addition to their live event calligraphy services. 

Treat your guests to a rare art form and leave them with a lasting keepsake of your event!