Versatile Stilt Walkers

Versatile Stilt Walkers

Brilliant themed performers will delight and enchant your guests with their unique act
Professional stilt walkers can perform in a wide variety of bespoke costumes
Can provide fire shows and living statue performances alongside walkabout entertainment
Ideal for festivals, themed occasions, parties, corporate functions, gala dinners, etc.
Roaming characters available to hire for events in Stuttgart and across Germany

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Bring fascinating walkabout entertainment to your event with our wonderful themed performers and their unique act, which features a myriad of fantastic bespoke costumes in a variety of styles. Professional stilt walkers, these roaming characters will delight guests of all ages as they make their way through the crowds, mixing and mingling and adding an element of fantasy to the occasion. Also able to perform a fire act and as living statues, these talented entertainers are certain to make a big impression at your event.

Truly outstanding, our stilt artists will have onlookers smiling, laughing, and watching in amazement as these giant figures tread their way carefully through the throngs of people gathered at your special occasion. Creating magical moments everywhere they wander, our stilt walkers will even hand out small gifts to guests as they pass, enhancing the experience and leaving everyone with great memories. Perfect for meeting and greeting and offering plenty of photo opportunities, our roaming characters are available to perform in a wide array of brilliant costumes. Including fairytale creatures and seasonal spirits, these outfits feature many different colours and styles, with some even including large wing attachments for extra effect.

Able to offer a range of walkabout entertainment not just limited to performances on stilts, our themed performers can also supply a fire show or act as living statues at your event. Full of grace and power, the fire act will dazzle guests at your event as accomplished fire dancers perform poetic choreography with fire poi, fire hoops, and fire staffs. Similarly, our human statues will bring enchantment to your special occasion as they stand motionless, moving when passersby least expect it and creating a wonderful visual spectacle.

Guaranteed to cause a stir at your event, this unique act is ideal for awards ceremonies, festivals, private parties, corporate events, weddings, themed events, gala dinners, and more, and is available to book for events in Stuttgart and throughout Germany. 

As global entertainment specialists, at Scarlett Entertainment we can offer a whole range of roving entertainers to perform at private and corporate events around the world and utterly amaze your audiences. For more information about the walkabout entertainment we can provide, contact our dedicated team of co-ordinators today.

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