Mask Changing Act Singapore

Mask Changing Act Singapore

Incredible suspense filled performance will delight audiences
Wow-factor traditional & new style mask changing performances
Vibrant, elaborately decorated hand painted masks
Offer a unique mask & costume change act as seen on Asian TV
Based in Singapore & available to perform at events worldwide

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Mask changing or Bian Lian was originally part of the Sichuan opera - one of China’s oldest local operas popular in the Sichuan province - and since then has gone on to become a popular traditional Chinese art form. An elusive performing art the skills required to make this show a success have only been mastered by very few. Audiences have long been fascinated by the performer’s ability to change their mask with a flourish of the arm and a twist of the head.

Rex travelled to the capital of Sichuan Chengdu, China to learn the incredible art of mask changing. Since mastering the skills required he has developed a renowned and much loved performance that has awe inspired corporate, public and private audiences. Rex offers three different styles of mask changing shows all showcasing elaborately painted and vibrantly coloured masks: traditional, new style and combined with costume changing. His new style mask changing show combines the traditional art form with popular hit songs in order to engage and inspire a broader audience. His mask and costume change act is the first in Singapore and was performed on Mediacorp Channel 8’s live variety show ‘The Sheng Siong Show’.

Filled with drama, theatrics and suspense his shows will delight audiences of all nationalities and ages.

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