Bring the magic and tradition of Irish dance to your event with our marvellous array of talented performers.

A form of cultural dance that originated in Ireland hundreds of years ago, this beautiful style has experienced a renewed popularity in recent years thanks to world-famous shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. A truly original form of dance, it involves intricate foot movements whilst performers hold their upper bodies straight and tall, and hands and arms are not used. 

At Scarlett Entertainment we have a fantastically varied roster of Irish dancers, who are certain to delight audiences at your event with their stunning displays, combining traditional and modern styles to create unique and spellbinding entertainment. 

Featuring dazzling costumes, impressive choreography, expert techniques, and authentic Irish music, our dancers will provide you with exceptional performances that will captivate all who witness them, demonstrating the timeless beauty of Irish dance.

Perfect for private parties, ceilidhs, themed events, corporate functions, festivals, gala dinners and more, our Irish dancers are guaranteed to enchant at any occasion.