Car Themed Stilt Act

Car Themed Stilt Act

Highly unique themed stilt walkers perfect as car themed entertainment!
Amazing stilt duo perform as a vintage cabriolet that can split itself in half lengthways
Incredible costume will make a great focus point for car themed events
Perfect for F1 events, car launches & shows, themed events, festivals and more
Book our car themed stilt act for events across Germany, Europe and worldwide

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Looking for unique stilt entertainers or car themed entertainment that is sure to make a lasting impression? Our professional stilt duo is the ultimate in themed stilt walkers and can appear at your event as a shiny red vintage cabriolet! This is a stilt act unlike anything that you will have ever seen before; it is the only one in the world and patented by copyright.

Dressed in an elaborate costume our stilt act will entertain the crowds, honking and flashing their way around your event and general causing a stir. Our stilt entertainers will charm guests with their wit, make them laugh with hilarious gags and gimmicks, and ensure that everyone has a fantastic time. The slapstick-like interaction between our themed stilt walkers will have spectators in fits of giggles and create a fun, uplifting atmosphere at your event.

Of course this isn’t just any old costume. Using the latest SIM system - that’s “separate in the middle” system to you and me - our stilt entertainers present a car that can separate itself lengthways, enabling our stilt duo to give your guests a view of what makes up the insides of this fantastic vintage car! This unique car themed act also features LED lights, making sure that it looks just as fantastic at night as it does during the day. The car can also be branded with stickers or flags, and our stilt entertainers can also hand out branded giveaways, making this car themed entertainment perfect for promotional events, car launches, festivals and much, much more.

This is fun walkabout entertainment that is guaranteed to be a huge hit with international audiences worldwide. Our fantastic professional circus entertainers know how to provide fun interactive entertainment and expertly interact with crowds, and their incredible eye-catching costumes will ensure that everyone wants to have their photo taken with these amazing themed stilt walkers.

Our stilt act can be tailored to suit the needs of your event. If you have specific requirements, or would like to talk about how these stilt entertainers could fit into your event get in contact with our expert Entertainment Coordinators who have years of experience booking custom entertainment for events worldwide.


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