Break The Lock UK

Break The Lock UK

Does your group have what it takes to crack the code and break into the metal boxes before the clock strikes zero?
An original and exciting team building activity delivering a team incentive trip to remember
The perfect indoor team bonding exercise where teams must work together
Our custom team activities help promote problem solving and networking
A competitive team challenge in the UK

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Invite your guests to take part in an exciting team challenge against the clock! Break the Lock UK is presented as an original team building activity and the ideal solution for a team incentive trip to remember. Our custom team activities offer the perfect indoor team bonding exercise. 

Teams will be faced with metal boxes as their only resource to crack the code in a video message..there is just one problem - all of the boxes are locked! We present Break The Lock UK as an original team building activity for your team incentive trip, where teams must work together to crack the codes and open the locks in a limited time. 

Once inside the boxes, more unique challenges await, with mysteries and codes presenting themselves. These challenges are custom-designed tap into a range of skills and expertise in which teams must decide who is the best person to accomplish each task in the quickest time, allowing them to beat the box before time runs out.

Will your team be able to find the recourses to complete the challenges? Whilst moving through the second set of challenges, teams realise they must collaborate with other team members in order to make their way through all four boxes, sharing their findings in order to move forward 

The final box holds a QR code, using the scanner found form previous boxes, they’re able to solve the final code and beat the box.

Our custom team activities have been intuitively developed to help promote team working skills such as problem solving and networking, delivering the perfect indoor team bonding exercise for your party. 

A creative, collaborative and competitive team challenge that will present stand-out interactive entertainment in the UK!

Practical Tips

  • Minimum persons - 12

  • Maximum persons - 200 

  • Duration - 1 to 2 hours 

  • Indoor activity

  • Mobile, with ability to travel throughout the UK

Team Building Benefits 

  • Cross Functional co-operation

  • Problem Solving

  • Networking

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