Comedy Drinks Experts

Comedy Drinks Experts

Award-winning professional Comedy Drinks Experts seen on TV, in national newspapers and events around the UK
Offer theatrical stage shows, event hosting and private drinks tasting experiences
An Edinburgh Fringe sensation and a show loved by many celebrities and public figures
Clients include Cocktail Awards, Endemol, Jamie Oliver, Bar Awards, Hobo Beer and Cyder and more
Based in the UK and available internationally

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Our extremely entertaining Comedy Drinks Experts are award-winning drinks writers and comedy performers. With a motto of “drink less, drink better” they aim to educate the masses about history, offer guidance, useful information, interesting facts, all wrapped up with a great dose of comedy. The pair of comedians can provide a range of drinks-based corporate entertainment ranging from an hour-long comedy show that involves sketches, stand-up and audience participation, right through to tailored tastings across all drinks categories and comedy hosts for any kind of drinks themed event.

The Comedy Drinks Experts have hosted numerous events for the drinks industry such as the Cocktail Awards and the Bar Awards. Over the last ten years, they have successfully provided drinks themed events for leading law firms, banks, drinks companies and other corporate clients. This also includes tastings and talks at major food and music festivals. The comedy hosts are hilarious and relatable to audiences of all types.

These highly experienced comedy performers host an eclectic range of drinks tastings and also run targeted training sessions for leading bar groups and pub companies. The tastings can be themed to the client's specification, including specific drinks or brands or seasonal events. 

The Comedy Drinks Experts are an Edinburgh Fringe sensation with shows loved by many celebrities and public figures. Their latest drinks themed show is an intoxicating and hilarious time-travelling journey through our drink fueled past all accompanied by some free drinks for the guests. 

Both drinks experts in their own right, these two comedy performers regularly contribute to The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, Time Out London, Off Licence News.. and more.

If you're hosting a drinks themed event, then consider the Comedy Drinks Experts to educate and entertain your guests. Contact us to find out more. 



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