LED Ballerinas Dubai

LED Ballerinas Dubai

Our glowing LED Ballerinas Dubai fuse technology with grace in this stunning performance
LED costumes brighten every event
Highly trained Dubai ballerinas are guaranteed to impress all audiences with their elegant and regal choreography
Perfect for corporate events, private parties, themed events, festivals and gala dinners
Based in Dubai UAE and available for worldwide bookings

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A performance that boasts a striking visual effect our LED Ballerinas Dubai combine modern and classic, ballet and glow making for a stunning and visually mind blowing performance that brightens every occasion. Guaranteed to impress our highly trained ballerinas glow from the inside out, shining both radiance and glowing LED into your audiences. 

Our glowing ballerinas bring a captivating and regal feel to every event helping set the tone, create a mesmerising ambience and whisk guests away to a world filled with elegance and glimmering lights. Perfect for corporate events, private parties, gala dinners, festivals and more. 

A unique and visually stunning performance that showcases the elegance and grace of our Dubai ballerinas as well as the remarkable glowing LED costumes that they wear, this gorgeous performance option is a guaranteed hit at all events and is perfect for making a big impact with your event entertainment. 

Our LED Ballerinas Dubai combine their talents as classically trained ballerinas with their high impact performances as LED dancers to create a visual spectacle that brightens every event and creates memories that last a lifetime. 

Our LED dancers glow in the dark and bring elegance and grace to every event. Available as a walkabout act our LED Ballerinas Dubai can welcome your guests, pose for photos, perform small ambient sets as they mingle and break the ice amongst attendees. 

In addition to their mix and mingle sets our Dubai ballerinas can also perform stunning stage shows that are perfect for a main stage event entertainment set. Glowing in the darkest of rooms our LED dancers make for stunning event entertainment that makes your event stand out and shine from the rest.

To book our LED Ballerinas Dubai or for more information about booking LED dancers and event entertainment contact our helpful team of Entertainment Specialists today. 


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