Singing Waiters Switzerland

Singing Waiters Switzerland

Waiters "surprise' guests with their classical music & operatic talents
Composed of seasoned veterans in classical music, opera and theatre
Perfect for corporate events, hotels, restaurants & weddings
Previous clients include Bentley, Altenburger LTD, Hotel Les Nations
Based in Geneva and available to perform at events worldwide

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Surprise Singing Waiters Switzerland is a group of talented singers and musicians who provide top class musical entertainment for any event. The concept of their show is one that requires them to "surprise' guests with their classical music and operatic talents, even as they are initially perceived as regular waiters of the establishment.  These "waiters" are, of course, by no means regular. Graduates of prestigious musical institutions in Europe, they are seasoned veterans in the field of classical music, opera and theatre.

Their singers, dressed as waiters at the beginning of the evening, will drink the lovely about the latest news or the weather...At that point, the pianist will start playing a piece that everyone knows, and one of their waiters will start to sing amongst the guests, who will be amazed at first, wondering if the waiter is drunk, crazy, or simply trying to get fired on the spot.  Of course, after a few notes, they will realize that it is actually an opera singer. That's when they will start gazing at the other waiters, trying to figure out who is who.

The group have performed all over Switzerland and Europe, with clients including corporate companies, hotels and restaurants such as Bentley, Altenburger LTD and Hotel Les Nations.

  • Hotel Les Nations
  • Chevalley
  • Cercle de la Grande Société de Berne
  • Etat de Genève - Chancellerie d'Etat
  • Restaurant Horizon
  • Conseil Fédéral Suisse
  • And many more...
  • Bentley
  • Société Nautique de Genève
  • Mairie d’Anières
  • Château du Crest - Jussy
  • Hôtel Chavannes de Bogis
  • Hôtel Intercontinental Genève
  • Hôtel Victoria Jungfrau
  • Altenburger LTD

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