Audiences will be amazed by the extraordinary speed and unbelievable talent of our coffee artists! 

At Scarlett Entertainment we can offer Guinness World record holding baristas for events around the world. Our coffee artists are exceptional live event entertainers. They can provide unique live entertainment for any type of event, although their performances are especially in-demand shows for trade fairs, exhibitions and corporate celebrations. They can also showcase their incredible talents at product launches, gala dinners, drinks receptions, private occasions, exhibitions and weddings. Some of our coffee artists can even offer workshops to introduce people in this wonderful form of art.

Many of our baristas can include any logos, images, designs and even colours into their drinks and can create sculptures with foam. You will be surprised to know they can create the faces of celebrities, TV personalities and other VIP people!

Whether booked for stage performances or as close up artists, our baristas are guaranteed to engage audiences, who will be instantly captivated by their original performances. Speechless onlookers will witness how our coffee artists create art out of coffee, foam and food dye.

The original shows offered by our talented baristas will get guests at your event talking for years to come, not to mention the excellent and innovative advertising tool their acts are for drinks and coffee brands. Whatever the occasion, they will delight crowds and will especially captivate coffee lovers.

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