Hire a coffee artist in Canada

Captivate coffee lovers at your corporate or private event with bespoke barista latte art

Coffee art is a fun and interactive way to engage guests at any type of event. Whether you're looking for something simple and fun or something more elaborate, our talented baristas can create all kinds of intricate designs and tailor their work to suit your event needs.

Why hire a coffee artist?

Coffee art is a fun way to entertain guests and make a memorable impact at your corporate or private event. Our coffee artists are exceptionally skilled and can accommodate all requests to ensure your guests are delighted with their unique coffee creations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coffee art?

Coffee design art is the art of making coffee-based drinks that are decorated with artistic designs. Coffee artists use everything from syrups and powders to milk, foam, and chocolate to create elaborate designs for their drinks.

What can I expect from a barista art performance?

An impressive showcase transforming a cup of coffee into a unique work of art using as little ingredients as steamed milk, espresso and food dye. Our coffee artists specialise in creating all kinds of designs from portraits and TV personalities to fictional characters, scenery and animals.

Can I hire a barista outside of Canada?

Absolutely! Our creative coffee painters are located all over the globe with many available for international hire, so if you’re interested in an artist outside of Canada please let us know. Similarly if you’re hosting an event overseas and require local talent, our Entertainment Experts can propose high quality acts from our roster that fulfil your event requirements and remove the need for unnecessary travel.