Hire a contortionist in Canada

Take your event to new extremes with our jaw dropping contortion acts

Browse our roster and discover outstanding contortion acts for private parties, corporate events, weddings and gala dinners. With their varied skill sets including aerial, acrobatics and hand balance, our performers are certain to make a powerful impact and leave guests in total amazement.

Why hire a contortionist?

Contortion is a mesmerising art form that is shocking, impressive and surprising all at once. From solo sets to group performances, our acts have the power to grip an audience with their spectacular routines no matter the setting. Our roster features a fantastic variety of exciting contortion acts that can easily adapt their routines to suit your event requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contortionist?

A performer that specialises in twisting and bending their body into unusual positions. A body contortionist is typically skilled in a range of performance arts including acrobatics, hand balance and gymnastics and possess extreme physical flexibility.

What can I expect from a contortion act?

A jaw-dropping performance filled with shocking physical feats guaranteed to leave guests mind blown. Our contortionists can bend and twist their bodies into unbelievable shapes and patterns with incredible ease, grace and elegance that is certain to wow audiences of all ages.

Can I hire a contortionist near me?

Of course! Simply enter contortionists in the keyword search bar followed by your location at the top of the page. You will then be presented with acts in and around your area. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please get in touch. Our Entertainment Experts specialise in scouting new talent and can present you with fantastic options in accordance with your location.

Can I hire a body contortionist outside of Canada?

Absolutely! You can hire any cirque performer on our roster regardless of location. Simply get in touch with one of our Entertainment Experts who will be able to recommend an incredible selection of international acts in line with your event requirements.

Acrobatic Triplets
Featured Act

Spotlight on Acrobatic Triplets

Demonstrating outstanding feats of strength and flexibility, our Acrobatic Triplets are guaranteed to captivate an audience and get everyone talking as they bend and contort into fascinating shapes. Brightening up any space they enter with their flashy white wigs and catsuits, this trio will turn heads and wow guests as they hold extremely difficult positions with ease and elegance. Based in Montreal, our Acrobatic Triplets are available for hire at corporate and private events throughout Canada and worldwide.

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