Classified as extreme mind magicians, our talented mentalists use their extraordinary talents to turn ordinary gatherings into fun-filled, interactive, fascinating live experiences. Captivating audiences worldwide, our mentalists are renowned for creating sensational magical experiences, unlike anything you will have ever experienced before!

Combining lie detection, mind reading, mind control and influence, mentalists perform incredible shows by inviting audience members to participate in each show. Guests will encounter feelings of fascination, amazement and intrigue as our international mentalists convince them that they can read their minds and influence their actions as they entertain audiences with their own brains!

Laughter will be heard from every corner of the room, as guests who don't know each other are seamlessly brought together and moments of unbelievable magic take place right before their eyes! 

Perfect as stage shows or mix and mingle acts, mentalists can effectively tailor their shows around a specific product and brand advertising, including company and product names. Popular at drinks receptions, private parties, corporate events, exhibitions and more; mentalism provides a unique and amusing show for any occasion, and is sure to be a hit at your event!