Hire an aerialist in Canada

Deliver wow-factor entertainment with extraordinary aerial dancing

Discover the very best aerial acts from all over the world by browsing our extensive talent roster. From trapeze, hoop and silks to rope, Chinese pole and spiral, we have an incredible variety available to hire for corporate and private events throughout Canada.

Why hire an aerialist?

Aerial dancing is a captivating performance art that can set the scene and create a huge spectacle for audiences to enjoy. From a theatrical main stage aerial silk dance to a stunning and sophisticated aerial hoop performance, our roster contains the very best aerialists from all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rigging requirements for an aerial dancer?

Aerialists require a rigging point to safely attach their equipment so it is important to confirm this with the venue as soon as possible. Many venues will offer a rigging point or work with rigging suppliers but for those that do not, it will need to be supplied externally.

How much height do I need for an aerial dance?

As a rule, 6 metres is the recommended height for an effective aerial display especially for aerial silk dancing that incorporates drops in the choreography. For venues with lower ceilings, aerial hoop is a wonderful alternative. Standing at just 3.5 metres tall allows the artist to perform on top of the hoop as well as inside and below.

What are the different types of aerial performance?

There is a fantastic variety on offer when it comes to aerial dancing and many of our artists specialise in multiple styles. From silks, trapeze, rope and hoop to Chinese pole, aerial cube, aerial spiral and many more! The options are endless and can be delivered as solo, duo, trio or group performances depending on your preferences.

Can I hire an aerialist outside of the UK?

Absolutely! We have an outstanding roster of aerial acts in every corner of the world so if you’re interested in an act outside of the UK, we can help. Likewise, if you’re holding an event overseas then please get in touch. Our Entertainment Experts are incredible at selecting high quality acts in accordance with your venue location and event requirements.

Diverse Aerialists Canada
Featured Act

Spotlight on Diverse Aerialists Canada

Take your event entertainment to the next level with our Diverse Aerialists with over 20 years of experience and two Guinness records. This mighty collective of performers include silk aerialists, water bowl aerialists, chandelier aerialists and duo aerialists and can choreograph custom routines exclusively for your event. Based in Quebec, our Diverse Aerialists are available for hire throughout Canada and all over the world.

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CASE STUDY: Vertical Fashion Show on the Burj Khalifa, Dubai

We made the 2014 Dubai Shopping Festival an event to remember by creating a record-breaking visual statement that attracted global media attention with the first EVER vertical fashion show! 

Six performers suspended in the air proceeded to cascade down gorgeous silks draped down the side of the colossal Burj Khalifa, while models simultaneously walked the runway below. 

Our aerialists finished their performance by descending with the colours of the UAE flag behind them, carrying DSF shopping bags for a climatic (and branded) finale. We’re delighted to have been awarded ‘Best Entertainment Production’ for this event at the Middle East Event Awards.


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Daniela’s top tips on aerial dancing

Things to consider before hiring an aerial performer
Different acts for different purposes

We have a vast and varied selection of aerial acts that are suited to all kinds of events. If you’re looking for a short and high impact performance, aerial silk dance is the best option as it’s intense and features spectacular drops. If you’re looking for a laid back performance that’s subtle and sophisticated, our aerial hoop acts are a fabulous option.

Unique requirements

Rigging is an essential factor to consider early on when it comes to hiring an aerialist. The requirements will vary from performer to performer and is something that will need to be supplied externally should the venue be unable to provide it. Many artists on our roster offer free-standing apparatus as an alternative which is just as impactful and something you may wish to consider.

Three Rings Aerial Show

New and Exciting Aerialists

Make your event a memorable experience for all guests with our incredible Three Rings Aerial Show, an acrobatic performance fronted by two talented aerialists. Showcasing their unbelievable strength and agility, this duo are certain to captivate a crowd as they move gracefully through the air. Having performed all over the globe at a range of notable venues and events, our aerialists have the skills and experience to ensure your guests are thoroughly entertained. Based in Vancouver, our Three Rings Aerial Show is available for hire at events throughout Canada and worldwide.

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Who are some famous Aerialists?

  • Christine Van Loo - Aerialist A seven-time US national acro-gymnastics champion by the age of 19, our incredible World Class Aerialist turned her hand to aerialism and rose to incredible heights (no pun intended). The acclaimed “Athlete of the Decade” and “Female Olympic Athlete of the Year” has worked alongside Sir Paul McCartney and Britney Spears, stunned viewers at the Grammys and the American Music Awards and performed in over 30 countries! A true high achiever.