Book Virtual Chinese New Year Entertainment

Globally accessible virtual event experiences that authentically celebrate Chinese New Year

Discover the limitless potential of virtual entertainment with our Chinese New Year themed online events and digital workshops. Choose from an extensive menu of highly customisable entertainment hire options for a globally accessible celebration experience that event guests will never forget.

Celebrate Chinese New Year Online

As the most celebrated event in China’s calendar, Chinese New Year is a globally recognised and immensely popular themed event. It’s also one of our busiest entertainment hire seasons, inspiring worldwide entertainment requests for celebrations around the world - including within the virtual world!

Mark the traditional Lunar New Year celebrations in contemporary style with our Chinese New Year virtual activities. From Chinese Calligraphy workshops to captivating pre-recorded themed show productions that celebrate the very best of China’s rich artistic heritage, we offer exemplary digital entertainment for events of all types and scales.

Drawing worldwide audiences together in one virtual space, our Chinese New Year virtual entertainment offers inspiring scope for custom branding and luxury personalisation. Opt for a handcrafted workshop kit box to be sent to each guest pre-event. Or request your company logo to be featured within the on-screen entertainment for high-end feel to your Lunar New Year celebrations.

Looking for something a little extra special? Our in-house production artists are on hand to put together a compelling custom entertainment package that speaks directly to your target audience or corporate event team. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your Chinese New Year celebrations alive within the virtual entertainment space.