Hire acrobatic dancers in Canada

Wow your event guests with a spellbinding showcase of dance acrobatics

Leave your audience totally awestruck with an unbelievable acrobatic performance delivered by our world class dancers and acrobats. From sophisticated soirees and gala dinners to corporate functions and themed festivals, our acts can tailor their performance tie in seamlessly with your event.

Why hire acrobatic dancers?

Dance acrobatics is a thrilling art form that appeals to all age ranges and event types. Showcasing impressive flexibility, strength, skill and control, our performers are certain to captivate an audience and leave them in astonishment. With the ability to cater to various themes including costume, choreography and soundtrack, our acrobatic acts are a popular entertainment option for a vast range of events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What acrobatic acts do you offer?

We work with a diverse range of artists that offer both ambient and main stage entertainment. From themed flag dancers and theatrical dance acts to aerial shows and acro duos, our roster contains a variety of acts with the scope to be customised to your bespoke requirements.

What can I expect from an acrobatic performance?

A seamless blend of unique choreography, emotional expression and impressive stamina combined with show stopping stunts, tumbles, balances and fearless partner lifts. Our acrobatic dancers are a sight to behold and are certain to leave your event guests lost for words with their artistic abilities and passion for performance.

Can I hire an acrobat performer outside of Canada?

Of course! Many artists and acrobatic acts we work with have the capacity to perform on an international level, so if you’re looking to hire an artist outside of Canada we can help. Similarly if you’re holding an event overseas and require local acrobatic dancers, our Entertainment Experts can propose a selection of exceptional acts that align with your location and entertainment requirements.

Acrobatic Dance Duo
Featured Act

Spotlight on Acrobatic Dance Duo

Our multi-award winning Acrobatic Dance Duo provide an array of breathtaking shows, with uniquely designed costumes and themes. Renowned internationally for their incredible dance skills and intricate choreography, the duo is in high demand at weddings, corporate events and private parties. Based in Toronto, our astonishing Acrobatic Dance Duo are available to hire for special occasions and events throughout Canada and internationally.

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