Family Walk Around Acts For Hire

Children's entertainment specialists providing interactive walkabout acts for events of all themes: corporate or private

Fill your next special event with colourful characters and interactive walkabout characters with our extensive roster of family entertainment walk around acts. With theatre standard costumery, intricate special effects and unique character themes, our immersive acts will delight and engage children and adults alike


Creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, our menagerie of children’s walkabout characters will delight and entertain audiences of all ages and nationalities.

Providing a diverse form of entertainment, our impressive roster of themed walkabout characters are laden with ancient magic, props and relics from the greatest fairytales! Characters can include angels, insects, animals, literary characters, and colours and will certainly have something to suit your special family event!

Professional circus performers, who incorporate all manner of acrobatics and physical theatre into their performances, bring all of our walkabout characters to life. A highly imaginative form of entertainment, our characters range from the well known Alice in Wonderland to most friendly, furry and funny Teddy and Otto; all featuring stunning costumes and innovative visual effects, they guarantee to delight.

 Available to interact with guests as a mix and mingle act, walkabout your event as roving entertainment or form part of a parade or carnival, our children’s walkabout characters are completely versatile.

A great way to engage with children and audiences of all ages, having walkabout characters at your event offers a unique opportunity to convey a theme or message in an innovative way as well as leave a lasting impression with spectacular visuals!

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