Hire a hula hoop dancer in Canada

Take your event to a whole new level with a mind blowing hula hoop dance act

Create an ambient atmosphere with a hula hoop juggler or light up the dance floor with a LED hula hoop dancer, whatever your entertainment vision, we have a fabulous roster of acts guaranteed to fulfil your event brief and exceed your entertainment expectations.

Why hire a hula hoop dancer?

From strolling performances to featured stage shows, our hula hoop performers are great entertainers for indoor and outdoor events. Featuring impressive energy, acrobatic stunts and tricks featuring multiple hula-hoops, our hula hoop dancers are scintillating masters of the hula-hoop and are certain to dazzle guests with their captivating choreography and impressive tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hula hoop dance acts do you offer?

From circus style hula hoopers and fire performance hula hoop shows to LED glow acts and acrobatic hula hoop jugglers, our roster features an eclectic mix of hula hooping talent for all corporate and private events. Varying in styles and themes, we offer hula hoop performances that can incorporate burlesque dance, fire and LED hoops, comedy and even audience participation.

What can I expect from a hula hoop dance performance?

An exciting showcase featuring stunning costumes, creative choreography and brightly coloured metallic hula hoops. Many of our performers can also incorporate LED hoops and fire performance into their shows for the added spectacle which never fails to impress.

Can I hire a hula hoop dancer outside of Canada?

Of course! You can hire any hula hoop performer on our roster regardless of location subject to availability. Many of our acts have the capacity to perform on an international scale so if you’re looking for an act outside of Canada for an event based in Toronto, you’re in the right place. Similarly if you’re holding an event overseas and require talent close by, our Entertainment Experts can select relevant acts from our roster in accordance with your venue location.

LED Hula Hoops Toronto
Featured Act

Spotlight on LED Hula Hoops Toronto

Entertain your event attendees with our hula hoop extraordinaire as she elegantly spins, twirls and whirls multiple LED hula hoops around her body. This performer guarantees to put on a mesmerising show that will spark exciting conversations between guests and leave a lasting impression. Based in Toronto, our LED Hula Hoops act is available to hire at corporate and private events throughout Canada and all over the globe,

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