Hula Hoopers and Hoop Juggling Acts For Hire

Mesmerising hula hoop acts offering a variety of themes with thrilling LED and fire options: corporate or private

Skilfully juggling multiple hoops while performing astonishing acrobatics, our sought after hula hoopers and hula hoop acts are nothing less than a visual spectacular. Offering a variety of show themes, our talented hula hoop jugglers are a captivating addition to every event.


Hula Hooping their way around your event, our international Hula Hoop performers will impress with their exciting routines and create incredible visual aesthetics that are bound to impress the whole family.

Featuring impressive energy, acrobatic stunts and tricks featuring multiple hula-hoops, our Hula Hoopers are scintillating masters of the hula-hoop. Completely versatile, hula hoop shows can be adapted to suit individual client’s requirements, incorporating specific music, LED hula hoops, fire hula hoops, as well as coloured hoops, to tie in with corporate colours or specific themes.

Captivating audiences around the world with skilful artistry, spectators will watch on in amazement as our hula hoopers effortlessly spin hoops around various parts of their bodies, beginning with 1, 2, 3 and increasing up to 6 and more all at one time!

Varying in styles and themes, we offer Hula Hoop performances that can incorporate Burlesque dance, fire and LED hoops, comedy and even audience participation.

So whether you’re looking for a short high-energy show that will make an impression or elegant ambient entertainment, our Hula Hoopers can create the perfect performance for your one of a kind event!