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Maddox Dixon

Maddox Dixon

Slick, modern and inspiring magic from our young and contemporary stage illusionist
Can deliver awe inspiring stage shows, sleight of hand, and mix and mingle magic
Combines compelling story telling with misdirection and illusion for an engaging performance for all ages
Fantastic magician for events, VIP parties, corporate entertaining, celebrity events and more
Based in London, UK, our Magician and Mentalist is available for international bookings

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A young and contemporary performer on the scene, our Magician and Mentalist will entertain and mystify audiences with his stunning and sophisticated sleight of hand. 

A fantastic magician for events, our stage illusionist combines compelling story telling with misdirection and illusion that inevitably leaves his audience connected to a moment, long after it has passed.

With a unique personable style of incredible sleight of hand and large-scale stage illusions, as well as mix and mingle magic shows, he has toured extensively developing his own unique brand of magic.

Having wowed judges on Britain’s Got Talent, opened stadiums and arenas for rock stars, and performed to countless audiences internationally, our stage illusionist is certain to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Now one of the most sought after stage illusionists in both the private and corporate entertainment world, our mix and mingle magician for events can offer a range of performance options to suit your event. 

Work with him to develop the perfect show from:

Mix and Mingle Magic – intimate magic in small groups of a crowd will create an atmosphere of intrigue and amazement

Parlour and Meet and Greet Illusions – intimate and immersive, this sit down option is a special experience for private dinners and small groups

Branded Stage Show – one-of-a-kind grand illusions tailored to create energy and impact for a brand

Top Tip:

Also able to create branded giveaways, such as Rubik’s cubes with your company’s branding, our magician for events always has a trick up his sleeve for impactful performances.

Scarlett Entertainment offers an extraordinary roster of incredibly diverse magicians for events in the UK, Europe, US, Middle East, Asia and beyond. With unique concepts, mind-blowing stunts, incredibly slick sleight of hand, and large-scale stage shows, discover our roster for further inspiration and to find your perfect magician for events. 

To book our highly in-demand Magician and Mentalist to perform jaw-dropping magic at your next special event, get in touch with our team of Entertainment Experts who will be happy to help.

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