Medieval and Historical Bands For Hire

Authentic medieval and historical music shows that celebrate the most exciting elements of our history: corporate or private

Using a range of ancient instruments and traditional techniques, our historical shows and medieval music acts provide enchanting moments of musical magic to delight audiences of all ages. Expertly recreating key moments of history, our authentically costumed musical entertainers bring an exciting theme of storytelling to special occasions all over the world.


Holding a traditional banquet, festival or wedding? Our medieval and historical acts are perfect for celebrating ancient history, the middle ages and the Renaissance period in real style. 

Using a range of ancient and modern instruments, they recreate mediaeval music in an exciting, contemporary setting by transporting guests into an age-old world full of joyous music.

Our medieval roster of musicians combines talented Celtic folk musicians, a classical string quartet and musicians who perform on traditional instruments such as the kohorn, bagpipes, recorders, hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, the bandolier drums and tambourines. 

Many of our acts recreate the atmosphere of a mediaeval-themed event by performing in traditional medieval costumes, and creating evocative, scene-setting music from thousand of years ago. 

Perfect for a variety of events, our Medieval and Historical musicians guarantee to attract and entertain a wide range of ages and nationalities with their extraordinary performances!