Silhouette Cutter Artist For Hire

Hire Skilled Silhouette Cutters to Create Art For Your Event Guests: Corporate or Private

This rare and highly sought after form of guest entertainment is a must for bespoke occasions. The traditional technique of paper silhouette cutting was first shared by artists in the 16th century and our highly skilled performers now share the art form with their own exciting styles. 


Silhouette Artists were widely popular and in-demand entertainers in Europe in the 16th and 17th century, and the traditional technique they use was refined in the 18th century. Their form of art has been progressively regaining popularity, especially in the last years. Nowadays, there are only a few artists in the world that offer this service, a rare and very unique form of entertainment that can make the different at your event. 

These live event artists are an alternative to caricaturists. They can roam around your venue interacting with your guests and offering them a service that is guaranteed to capture their attention. Silhouette artists will amaze guests with their extraordinary talent, their exceptional skills and their boundless creativity. With unbelievable speed, they will produce portrait silhouettes with accuracy. In only a couple of minutes, any of your guests will have an unforgettable memory with him that he/she can keep forever.

Our silhouette artists can personalise the cards they provide guests with by incorporating logos, names, dates or any other piece of information upon request. Our artists can be the perfect interactive entertainment option for events such as VIP parties, weddings, trade fairs and exhibitions. Some of our artists have had the privilege of cutting silhouettes for celebrities and VIPs such as Princess Anne, Dawn French and international Ambassadors.

Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a product launch, a trade show or you'd like some unique form of entertainment for your wedding, our Silhouette artists are the ideal choice for it.