Light Painters For Hire

Hire Light Painters to Illuminate Your Event: Corporate or Private

For a brand launch or promotional campaign to remember, hire our innovative light artists. Our highly skilled technicians use illumination technology and slow photographic exposure to paint light strokes to amaze audiences and captivate guests of all ages.


If you’re looking for an exciting and innovative way to promote your brand, our impressive selection of light painters offer high-tech and visually stunning shows that will do just that.

Using the latest light technology and a slow photographic exposure, our light painters turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Filling the darkness with a vibrancy and energy created by three-dimensional ‘brush strokes’, they can create incredible art that will amaze your audiences and reveal your brand with maximum impact.

Our light painters are available in a range of different set ups including live performers with video capture and projection, which displays the image on a large screen as it is being created; a camera and a performer where the images are only revealed at the end; or an interactive photo booth where guests can have a go at light painting themselves.

Able to create the painting of your choice, this entertainment form is ideal for brand reveals at corporate events, product launches, celebrations, exhibitions, gala dinners and more as company images, logos and messages can all be included in the final image.