Corporate Gifts For Special Events

Original giveaway innovation and unique gifts to bring a luxury feel to your special event: corporate or private

 From branded mementos and bespoke client giveaways to personalised wedding favours, we offer cutting edge gift innovation. Providing never seen before gift ideas, we are proud to offer an array of custom options to ensure that memories of your brand or special occasion can be treasured for years to come.


I’m looking for a really unique corporate gift that I can give out at events, what do you have available?

We have several incredibly unique gifts that are perfect for making sure attendees remember the event and your company. Our live chocolate carver is an amazing gift that creates chocolate lollipops from 3D scans of your guests’ faces! If you have any themes or ideas for gifts our events team can make them a reality, or if you’re struggling to find something really unique, speak to our experienced team to discuss options and ideas.

Our unique perfumers can create a bespoke scent for your event, tailoring it to match a specific product or service and hand out branded bottles to attendees. 

What’s the benefit of giving out a corporate giveaway to attendees?

Corporate gifts are used at a variety of events for different reasons; whether you want to gather attendee details or simply give your audience something to ensure your brand is remembered, we can offer different marketing material for all occasions. Giving out a branded memento that serves a useful purpose will be used again and again and will serve as a constant reminder of a company or service. If you’re giving out something really unique like one of our 3D selfies it is guaranteed to be tagged and posted on social media, ensuring a wide audience is reached. 

Can corporate gifts be posted directly to the intended recipients? 

Yes, corporate giveaways can be posted to recipients following an event, allowing you to collect attendee contact details to ensure the relationship is extended and continues after the event.

For example, although 3D selfies can’t be printed live at events scans can be taken at the event and the product posted to attendees at a later date, this is a great opportunity to gather attendee data and stay in touch. Other branded giveaways can also be organised to be received once participants have signed up to ensure maximum benefit to your company. Speak to our events team today to discuss the marketing material that can be branded for your next special event.

Can you offer branded food and drink for special events?

Food and drink gifts are perfect for trade shows and conferences; after a day wandering around an exhibition hall and chatting to new people, a pick me up drink or snack from one of our brandable carts will be highly desirable and perfect for brand awareness and promoting your company. As well as branded mobile carts, takeaway packaging can also carry your logo or message for a promotional gift.

Why should I book a corporate gift through Scarlett Entertainment and Events?

Our experienced Scarlett Events team are on hand to create unique and memorable gifts for your next event, working with leading companies who can produce bespoke branded giveaways. Our event coordinators are on hand to assist you through our simple booking process, no matter where your event is being held.

How can I book corporate gifts with Scarlett Entertainment and Events?

To find out more about the corporate giveaway we have available, speak to one of our event coordinators on +44 (0)1626 572072 or by emailing