Snake Dancers For Hire

Mesmerising traditionally trained snake dancers available for event hire: corporate or private

An intricate performance art that holds immense cultural history, snake dancing is an enchanting visual spectacle. Combining elegant individual choreography with masterful snake handling, our glamorous dancers are an entertainment highlight.


Surprise and delight audiences at your event with our incredible roster of enchanting snake dancers, for a truly unique and exhilarating form of entertainment.

A dance style that really excites the senses, the ancient art of snake dancing will bring an exotic and decadent touch to all occasions. A stunning visual spectacle that combines beautiful choreography with bespoke costumes and enthralling snake handling, this distinctive dance is sure to bewitch and fascinate your guests.

Our gifted snake dancers are sure to make an impact at your event as they seamlessly blend hypnotic belly dance moves with expert snake charming to bring raw sensuality and energy to every performance. Playing on the traditional imagery of snakes, our performers will entrance your audiences with their serpentine routines and their connection to nature. 

Ideal for cultural events, private parties, corporate functions, club nights, ceremonies, festivals, gala dinners and more, our snake dancers are sure to make your special occasion extraordinary.