Create hype around your event and treat your guests to an exclusive experience with one of our many A-list celebrity speakers! 

From well-known TV personalities to sporting legends, at Scarlett Entertainment we have an extensive roster of exclusive international names that are available to speak at gala dinners, awards ceremonies, launches and openings and public events. 

Delivering inspiring and motivational speeches on a range of topics including motivation, overcoming adversity, talent, performance, fear of failure, leadership, teamwork, pro-activeness and accountability, our celebrity speakers are experts at captivating and inspiring audiences. Also able to incorporate specific themes, as well as uplifting personal anecdotes, our speakers can tailor their speeches to suit your specific event. 

Having a celebrity speaker at your event will not only create an atmosphere of excitement and positivity but will also add a sense of credibility that can only come from a world-famous celebrity putting their name to your event!

Treat your guests to a once in a lifetime opportunity to listen to some of the world’s most charismatic personalities with one of our incredible celebrity speakers.

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