Treasure Hunts For Hire

Team building challenges creating winning teams for events: corporate or private

Problem solve to find hidden treasure with captivating team building activities for events! From bespoke clues that use unique information about group members and custom designs using your corporate branding to personalised prizes that incentivise colleagues, our treasure hunts are an original way to build powerful teams.


What will a corporate treasure hunt consist of?

Here at Scarlett Entertainment & Events, we have a brilliant variety of treasure hunts to suit various themes and skills. Each of our corporate treasure hunts is unique, with most available to be customised to suit your company and staff, a team-building treasure hunt will unite staff as they work together answering questions, solving clues and thinking fast to win points and prizes. Group treasure hunts are available in cities, offices or can be created for your specific venue, they can feature bespoke challenges or questions and will ensure some wonderful memories are created. Personalised prizes can be given to winning teams to celebrate the day. 

What will my team get from an Interactive Treasure Hunt?

Our bespoke treasure hunts and interactive games have so many benefits! Whether you’re booking a city treasure hunt as part of an incentive trip away or as a unique corporate sightseeing activity, a treasure hunt is an activity your guests won’t have experienced. Whether teams are using iPADs or old fashioned notepads and pens, team’s will have to work together to complete challenges. The challenges along the way are designed to use and develop skills such as teamwork, communication, collaboration, fast-thinking, creativity, speed and time management, leadership, decision making, delegation and problem-solving. Although teams will use a variety of skills, the biggest factor in each challenge is fun, with an emphasis on using skills without it being the sole focus of the activity.

This allows plenty of fun and jesting between teammates, resulting in a healthy dose of competitiveness, creating a relaxed atmosphere that allows colleagues to better get to know one another  and build strong bonds of camaraderie

Some of our city treasure hunts are a great way to explore a new city with colleagues, having activities to focus on will always ensure individuals are always included and something to instantly talk about to break the ice if staff are meeting for the first time. 

Are there any specific skills that will be used, tested and developed during a city treasure hunt?

Each of our team treasure hunts is unique in their own way, with various themes, locations and challenges all adding to the experience. The majority of our corporate treasure hunts can be tailored to suit your company and brand. From the tablet software being branded, down to the questions asked and challenges completed. Questions can be as fun or as serious as you wish, you can test your colleagues on the company ethics and history or their general knowledge. Skills developed include positive relationships, teamwork, fast thinking and problem-solving.  

How many people can take part at one time?

This is dependent on what type of team-building treasure hunt you book, but approximately groups of up to 250 guests can be easily accommodated and larger groups will be confirmed where possible.

Can corporate treasure hunts be branded or tailored to suit our company?

Several of our treasure hunts and iPad challenges can be customised, either with specific questions, prizes or just with your company colours and logo to make it that bit more personal. Just let our events team know when enquiring.

How long do corporate treasure hunts last?

We have a variety of treasure hunts, most last a minimum of two hours and some can last up to six hours. If you have a specific time frame for a treasure hunt, let our event coordinators know when enquiring and some of our sightseeing treasure hunts can be shortened to suit your schedule. 

Will I need to provide anything for a bespoke treasure hunt?

Depending on the chosen treasure hunt, you may need to provide some background information and questions if the clues and questions are based on your company, products or service. Otherwise, iPADs and equipment are all provided, just bring some keen staff and let us do the rest.

Are they mobile and able to come to our office?

Several of our iPad challenges are completely mobile and can come to your office, making an interactive treasure hunt the ideal office-based team building activity. 

If we need to travel to a particular venue or city can you organise transfers and food?

Absolutely, if you book one of our city treasure hunts or even our unique canal treasure hunt and you need to transport your guests or colleagues from your location, we can organise travel, accommodation and catering if needed. Just let our events team know when enquiring. 

Why should I book with Scarlett Entertainment & Events?

Scarlett Entertainment and Events are a world-renowned booking agency, and have a wealth of experience in sourcing corporate team building treasure hunts and activities. Our multilingual events team are on hand to find you the perfect option wherever your event is being held. 

How can I book a group treasure hunt with Scarlett Entertainment & Events?

Simply get in touch with the friendly events team on +44 (0)1626 572072 or email them at