Acrobatic Dancers For Hire

Gymnastic agility meets classical dance for the ultimate entertainment spectacular: corporate or private

Captivate your guests with masterful acrobatic dance performances. Our highly sought after dancing acrobats demonstrate world class agility and strength, making them an entertainment requisite for any scale of event.


Dazzle audiences at your event with our fantastic acrobatic dancers as they perform incredible routines of agility and strength.

A beautiful fusion of classical dance techniques and acrobatic precision, this dance style, also known as acro, is certain to wow at any occasion, as talented performers seamlessly blend unique choreography, emotional expression, and impressive stamina for a breath-taking performance.

Demonstrating awe-inspiring levels of flexibility, strength, and balance, our professional dancers are guaranteed to deliver mesmerising entertainment that will delight your guests. A graceful and elegant combination of dance and acrobatic movements, including ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern influences, acro makes for a truly striking visual spectacle that will not be forgotten in a hurry. 

Certain to add sophistication to your event, be it a private party; a corporate function; a ceremony; a festival; or a gala dinner, we have a wide range of exceptional acrobatic dance groups and performers from around the world who will supply you with the perfect entertainment to make your special occasion really stand out.