Roaming Carnival For Hire

Stunning themed parades and processions for unforgettable events: corporate or private

Celebrating carnival culture from around the world, our jaw dropping roaming carnivals and parades engage audiences of all ages. From Brazilian samba parades that transport event guests to the sights and sounds of Rio through to vibrant African parades that amaze and inspire, our themed parades provide unforgettable event experiences.


Vibrant, exciting and full of life our roaming Carnival acts will bring that fiesta feel to your event!

Celebrating Carnival culture from all over the world, each of our walkabout Carnival performers put on colourful and dynamic shows that will really impress guests. From Rio to Africa and everywhere in between, themes include Brazilian, African, Caribbean, Circus and Freak Show and feature authentic costumes and masks, live music, traditional dances and plenty of frivolities. 

Our roaming carnivals spread an infectious brand of revelry and fun as they mix and mingle with guests, joining them on the dance floor and encouraging all manner of folly!  

Formed from world-class entertainers each with a diverse range of performance experience, many of our walkabout carnival acts have entertained crowds at prestigious venues around the world including the Four Seasons in Las Vegas and at carnivals in San Diego, Mexico and Paris. Able to tailor the size and scale of their performances to suit events large and small, our walkabout carnivals will not disappoint! 

Adding fun and excitement to private parties, themed events, festivals and corporate functions our roaming carnivals will be the talk of your event!