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From raunchy risqué to captivating allure, our burlesque performers will glamorously define your event: corporate or private

Burlesque acts bring sophisticated glitz to lavish affairs and private soirées with tantalising cabaret shows and unique acts. Daring reveals to get audiences’ hot under the collar and demanding an encore.

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A timeless performing art that never fails to rouse a crowd, Burlesque epitomises true glamour and feminime sensuality. There are countless styles of burlesque to suit any occasion including sultry stripteases, flirty fan dances, fiery feats, charming cabaret shows and showgirl shimmies.

With a vast selection of themed-costumes and elaborate props including the iconic martini glass, our Burlesque artists give starlets such as Dita Von Teese a run for her money! As well as femme fatales, all-male line-ups inspired by the notoriously naughty Magic Mike films, are an increasingly popular request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between burlesque and striptease?

There are many differences between burlesque and stripping, but the main focus is the story told through burlesque. While stripping is a dance that ends in nudity, burlesque acts have a narrative to them with a specific character at their centre. The clothing used in burlesque tends to be more lavish and of a particular era. While outfits for a striptease tend to be themed, they tend to come from one corner of erotica. 

As stripping is supposed to be sexy, burlesque is meant to be seductive. Stripping works to release tension, while burlesque attempts to build it. Stripping is about the body, burlesque is about the imagination. 

Most notably, burlesque is about teasing rather than revealing. Burlesque acts do not actually involve full nudity. 

Do burlesque acts involve nudity?

Burlesque acts don’t contain full nudity, and this is part of their allure. In fact, a very important part of burlesque is the costuming, even when almost completely undressed. Items like nipple-tassels, garters, suspenders and lingerie don’t function as shields, covering up the final mystery of the dancer, but wonderful pieces of clothing in their own rights made to be seen and shown off. 

Most burlesque acts get quite close to nudity without revealing anything explicit - and part of their fun is seeing just how close an act can get. However, this consideration is important when cultural factors are taken into account.

What does a burlesque act involve?

The art of burlesque is hugely popular these days, and there are as many variances on the standard performance as there are performers.

Typically, the act involves a loosely-danced, story-focused performance to a piece of music that involves the seductive removal of the performer’s clothes. Some acts will combine this with pole dancing, some with multiple performers, some with props and all with interesting costumes. A large number of burlesque acts also sing or mime to tracks. The music is designed to add sensuousness to the story and aid in the narrative. 

What sort of music is burlesque performed with?

The short answer is: anything. It can be taken from whatever genre most suits the narrative being performed onstage, and some acts will mash-up modern and traditional styles. Anything from pop music to 1920s music hall tunes, jazz, dubstep, classical and everything in-between has been used for an act somewhere!

Many burlesque acts are able to customise their routines to better complement your event, so it’s always worth checking out what customisation options an act offers. If they can do so, then the musical choices will probably be up to you!

A lot of burlesque dancers will also sing, which can be performed to backing tracks or a live band.

Can burlesque be performed with other types of acts?

Absolutely. The only limit is the imagination of the act! The simplest example might be a burlesque act’s performance to music: this could be to backing tracks, but if you wanted to include other acts then it’d be great to combine it with a live band.

For cabaret acts that don’t sing, it’s always possible to combine the act with a singer (as well as a band). In most cases, it depends on what the client is after. 

Burlesque is best paired with acts in a similar vein, such as circus acts like aerial artists, and magicians or comperes.  

Are burlesque acts interactive?

A defining feature of burlesque is its interactivity. To a greater or lesser extent, all burlesque acts are interactive.

However, most acts like to send this element up as much as possible and become directly involved with the audience. Many acts will make members of the audience help in the striptease or will flirt within the act, give them items of clothing and generally make audience members a literal part of the show.

Far from being uncomfortable, this often breaks the ice between the act and the audience and creates a great deal of humour. Burlesque is light-hearted and should amuse an audience as well as thrill them, and that can’t be done without some interaction!

Some burlesque acts will teach audiences a part of the routine, and there are those are able to offer workshops as well - which is as interactive as it gets!

Do burlesque acts use props and how are they transported?

Aside from costume, burlesque acts usually employ props of various sizes. These can range from a chair on a stage all the way up to giant bird cages or pop-out cakes. 

Some will perform in huge martini glasses and others combine their act with other skills like aerial hoop work, silks and so on. These acts invariably provide all of their own equipment and will transport their props themselves. If extra help is required in setting up, it will be provided by the act. 

What themes and costumes can they use?

Once again, the only limit is your imagination. We’ve seen burlesque acts perform in a Parisian style from the Can Can, 1940s/50s traditional, Las Vegas showgirls, Great Gatsby, Crazy Horse of Paris, cowboy, outer space, Absinthe fairy and much more.

Acts will often offer customisable themes, so if you have a specific event idea in mind, discuss this with our event coordinators and see which acts will be able to fit your themed entertainment needs! 

What are the cultural concerns with burlesque performance?

Some cultures have varying degrees of sensitivity around states of undress, but this shouldn’t deter clients from booking a burlesque act. Theatricality is universal, after all! 

Burlesque acts can offer shows where they remain fully-clothed despite removing garments, or wear underwear that sufficiently covers the body to be acceptable to more conservative cultures. Many acts can go down to a body suit, for example, meaning the act is as it usually would be but no nudity is involved. 

This can be the same for acts that will be performed around children or mixed audiences. If in doubt, an act will defer to a client for advice on what the sensitivity limitations there may be. Burlesque shouldn’t be offensive, but enjoyable and celebratory. 

Is there such a thing as male burlesque?

Yes, it’s called Boylesque. Rather than being a kind of drag act, it is a more seductive form of male striptease. There are broadly two varieties: very masculine, wearing the classical clothing of the burlesque era, and feminine and of the gay scene. 

There are already a number of international boylesque festivals that have an enormous following, and this art form is gaining rapid interest all over the world. This sort of act could easily be booked in conjunction with a traditional burlesque act to provide variety (particularly if the audience is mixed gender) or at events such as a heavily female audience or a gay wedding. 

Aside from the basic difference in gender, boylesque shares the same values as burlesque and can be thought of as broadly the same concept. 

Why book a burlesque act through Scarlett Entertainment?

At Scarlett, we’re passionate about providing entertainment solutions that are designed in every way to be perfect for your event. Our team of experts have designed and booked acts for an incredible variety of events worldwide, and can be looked to for authoritative advice on which acts will work best in which situations.

They also have an unparalleled knowledge of the acts on our roster, and will quickly be able to identify which of our brilliant artists can best provide the service you are looking for. When it comes to customised, high-quality burlesque, we have the resources and knowledge to provide precisely what you’re looking for.  

Luxury Burlesque Showgirl
Featured Act

Featured Burlesque Act

For clients searching for the ‘creme de la creme’, our stunning Luxury Burlesque Showgirl combines elegance and incredible costumery with sensual movements to deliver a true show-stopper. 

Mesmerising crowds across the globe, our renowned performer dazzled viewers on Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother, Dynamo: Magician Impossible and countless other broadcasted events.

Click here for profile

CASE STUDY: 50th Anniversary of Singapore’s Independence

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s Independence, we marked the occasion with the help of siren, Sukki, to perform the first-ever legal public Burlesque performance in the state’s history! We were delighted to be a part of this monumental moment.  Captivating the 300-strong audience with a sensual 20-minute display, Sukki’s sultry show was perfect for embodying the ‘Opium Den’ theme as per the client’s original brief.

Sukki’s tireless efforts to legalise burlesque in Singapore has opened the doors to future performers to take to the stage, marking an important shift in attitudes towards industry performers and women’s rights. Sukki has quickly become one of the hottest burlesque stars on the planet with a huge social media following.


Spotlight on Scarlett Entertainment’s International Burlesque Starlet Vicky!

Spotlight on Scarlett Entertainment’s International Burlesque Starlet Vicky!

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Expert Advice on hiring Burlesque Performers

Our Production Manager Jess gives her top tips
Burlesque Performers Are Perfect For Themed Events

Many of our Burlesque Performers offer a wide range of incredible costumes and tailor their performances to suit chosen themes. The most popular themes that we see are steampunk; pin up; gothic; 1920s and circus themed performers; and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can create bespoke costumes as required.

Many Burlesque Artists Are Multi-Talented

Many of Burlesque Performers are multi-talented, meaning that they can also perform a range of skills such as singing, fire acts, cirque routines and more. This is perfect for getting the most out of your entertainment options; it’s like having two performers instead of one and adds another exciting element to your event!

Male Burlesque Artist

New and Exciting Burlesque Performers

You've heard of burlesque, but have you heard of boylesque? Constantly challenging conventions and expectations, our Male Burlesque Performer reimagines traditional burlesque with masculine sensuality to create a truly unique performance, otherwise known as boylesque.

Our audacious performer is famed for his dark and seductive routines, all of which can be tailored to suit your event. His wardrobe selection is spectacular with plenty of themed costumes to complement all kinds of event concepts. Be bold, be daring with our male boylesque artist!

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Who are some famous Burlesque Performers?

  • Burlesque Sensation Perle The "Queen of Burlesque" is undoubtedly Dita Von Teese. The American actress, dancer and model is credited with the revival of burlesque after reintroducing the art form to the mainstream and putting her own glamorous spin on it. Burlesque Sensation Perle, has actually toured with the legendary Dita Von Teese, shining on stage beside her. Perle is an international sensation in her own right and considered to be one of the top burlesque performers in the world today!