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Transform your corporate or private event with outstanding burlesque entertainment

Racy, seductive and incredibly enticing, our burlesque acts are electric and are certain to make your event one to remember. From weddings and birthday parties to corporate and private events, burlesque entertainment is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Why hire a burlesque performer?

Burlesque is a timeless artform that has entertained audiences for centuries. Oozing glitz, glamour and feminine sensuality, burlesque is a fantastic way to excite a crowd and keep guests on their toes. 

Our roster features countless styles of burlesque including sultry stripteases, flirty fan dances and all-male Magic Mike inspired line ups, each equipped with elaborate costumes and props to add to the spectacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is burlesque dancing?

Burlesque is an empowering form of dance that combines seductiveness with storytelling and comedy. It aims to build anticipation through sultry movements without baring all, leaving the rest to your imagination.

What does a burlesque act involve?

Most burlesque acts are centred on a story told through dance and accompanied by music, involving the seductive removal of a performer's clothes. Some acts include pole dancing,  multiple performers, extravagant props, and overstated costumes in addition to singing or miming to tracks.

Can burlesque be performed with other acts?

Definitely! Our burlesque girls can adapt to almost any setting and comfortably perform alongside a singer and live band to elevate your event. If you’re looking to layer a burlesque performance with other acts, we recommend aerial artists, magicians and comperes.

How do I search for burlesque dancers near me?

If you’re looking to hire a local burlesque dancer, simply enter your city in the search bar or select your location using the filters. This way you can narrow down your search and find relevant acts according to your location.

Can I hire a burlesque dancer outside of the UK?

Absolutely! We have a ton of incredible burlesque dancers all over the world so you can hire an act regardless of location. If you’re hosting an event overseas then do let us know as we can source outstanding local talent in close proximity to your event venue.

Luxury Burlesque Showgirl
Featured Act

Spotlight on Luxury Burlesque Showgirl

As seen on Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother, and Dynamo: Magician Impossible, our stunning Luxury Burlesque Showgirl is a sight to behold, combining elegance and incredible costumery with sensual movements to deliver a true show-stopper. 

Based in Leicester and available for hire across the UK and worldwide, this burlesque performer is certain to mesmerise crowds at any corporate or private event.

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CASE STUDY: 50th Anniversary of Singapore’s Independence

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s Independence, we marked the occasion with the help of siren, Sukki, to perform the first-ever legal public Burlesque performance in the state’s history! We were delighted to be a part of this monumental moment.  Captivating the 300-strong audience with a sensual 20-minute display, Sukki’s sultry show was perfect for embodying the ‘Opium Den’ theme as per the client’s original brief.

Sukki’s tireless efforts to legalise burlesque in Singapore has opened the doors to future performers to take to the stage, marking an important shift in attitudes towards industry performers and women’s rights. Sukki has quickly become one of the hottest burlesque stars on the planet with a huge social media following.


Spotlight on Scarlett Entertainment’s International Burlesque Starlet Vicky!

Spotlight on Scarlett Entertainment’s International Burlesque Starlet Vicky!

Grace Henley | 18/09/2015
Burlesque Show Ideas for Events - Inspiration for hiring Burlesque dancers

Burlesque Show Ideas for Events - Inspiration for hiring Burlesque dancers

Grace Henley | 03/12/2012

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Jess’ top tips on burlesque entertainment

Things to consider before hiring burlesque dancers
Perfect for themed events

Many burlesque performers offer an eclectic mix of costumes suited to all kinds of event themes. From steampunk and pin-up to 1920’s and circus, we have a fantastic selection of themed burlesque acts on offer. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our Custom Creations team can create bespoke costumes as required.

Multi-talented artists

A modern burlesque dancer has many strings to their bow, possessing a range of skills such as singing, fire acts, cirque routines and more. When you hire a burlesque performer you’re getting multiple acts in one which is excellent value for money.

Burlesque Dance Troupe

New and Exciting Burlesque Performers

Meet our electrifying Burlesque Dance Troupe, a group of burlesque party performers that specialise in song, dance, circus and classic burlesque striptease. Based in London and available for performances worldwide, these burlesque girls are certain to take your event by storm as they shake their tail feathers and leave guests wanting more.

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Who are some famous Burlesque Performers?

  • Burlesque Sensation Perle The "Queen of Burlesque" is undoubtedly Dita Von Teese. The American actress, dancer and model is credited with the revival of burlesque after reintroducing the art form to the mainstream and putting her own glamorous spin on it. Burlesque Sensation Perle, has actually toured with the legendary Dita Von Teese, shining on stage beside her. Perle is an international sensation in her own right and considered to be one of the top burlesque performers in the world today!