Sand Sculptures and Sculpture Artists For Hire

Detailed sand sculpture to amaze guests and transform event spaces: corporate or private

Our industry leading sand sculpture artists are both award winning and internationally sought after. The perfect photo moment and highly compelling conversation pieces, these one of a kind installations of large-scale art will leave a lasting guest impression.

Sand Sculptures

Turning any idea into a 3D reality, our talented sand sculptors create amazingly detailed and intricate works of art out of sand depicting celebrities, cartoon characters and buildings – the sky is the limit!

All Guinness world record holders and international award-winning sand artists with decades of experience, our sculptors are experts at creating a spectacle that will draw in the crowds. Fascinating to watch as they command shapeless sand into incredible structures, the finished pieces are even more impressive and look fantastic as installations at events. 

Not to worry if there is no beach right next to your venue, the beach can be brought to you! Locally sourced sand can be delivered to your location, allowing sand sculpting to take place in any situation including shopping malls, foyers and parks! 

Completely versatile, clients can request bespoke sand sculptures of products, logos and even your CEO’s face! In addition to performing live at events or providing pre-prepared installations, our sand artists can also run sand sculpting workshops where they can teach participants all the tricks, tools and techniques of world-class sand sculpting.

Perfect for theme parks, festivals, media photo opportunities, corporate events, fundraisers, weddings and more explore our roster of amazing sand sculptors!

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