Magic & Illusion Shows For Hire

Astonishing and delightfully surprising magic and illusion shows for any scale of event: corporate or private

From immersive magic acts engaging tables of guests to large-scale productions to wow the crowd, our extensive roster of magic acts will captivate audiences with incredible demonstrations of tricks and illusion performances. From mentalism to mind reading, the magic touch for every event.


Take guests on an exciting journey into the unknown and the impossible with one of our jaw-dropping magic and illusion shows. 

What better way to make a lasting impression than to mystify and baffle your guests with an explosive showcase of magic and illusion! Our versatile performers can incorporate any combination of extreme mentalism, escape artistry, grand illusions, mind reading – accompanied by a good dose of theatrics, dance and music – into their shows to create dramatic performances that will leave audiences breathless. 

All of our magicians and illusionists are award-winning performers who have received numerous accolades from professional institutions and renowned magic circles around the world. Champions of magic in every respect, our artists are all internationally respected artists and have collectively performed for high-profile clients such as Facebook, Audi, British Airways, Deloitte and Texaco. 

There is no end to the possibilities that a magic and illusion show presents. Our magicians can create bespoke performances to fit any desired theme and message and incorporate products and branding in innovative and exciting ways. 

An ideal way to create hype for a product launch, or to promote a new brand, or make a lasting impression on guests at a private party, having a magic show at your event will astound and amaze!

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