Digital Artwork and Digital Artists For Hire

Innovative digital artwork employing cutting edge technology for stunning event visuals: corporate or private

Both skilled artists and established technicians, our skilful digital artists are capable of creating out of this world digital artwork that will captivate your guests and provide a sophisticated


Offer a true mix of art and technology our range of digital artists will not fail to impress guests with an unrivalled artistic skill which when combined with innovative digital software creates truly impressive modern works of art. 

Performing live at events our digital artists become a spectacle that all guests can enjoy as their works – both in progress and finished – can be displayed via a projector screen in real-time and then be shared instantly via email and social media platforms. 

All of our digital artists are highly skilled professionals each with a specific speciality and personal style: whether you’re looking for a digital portrait artist or caricaturist or artist that can create commissioned works that follow a certain theme, we will have an artist within our roster to suit your specific needs. As well as incorporating themes they can include branding and logos on request. 

A fun and unique form of interactive entertainment with a universal appeal, digital artwork is perfect for corporate functions, product launches, awards ceremonies, trade shows and exhibitions, private parties and much more! 

Experienced at providing a professional and personalised service, our digital artists are dedicated to giving your guests a unique experience and a lasting memento of your event.