Arabic Bands and Musicians For Hire

Traditional Arabic bands and solo musicians providing authentic live music for global events: corporate or private

Transport your event guests to a spellbinding world of Middle Eastern entertainment with our live Arabic bands and authentic Arab singers. Serenading global audiences with the captivating melodies of traditional and contemporary Arabic music performance, our talented Arabic musicians deliver rich artistic culture along with vibrant event ambience. 


Dazzle your event guests with our handpicked selection of traditional and contemporary Arab singers and live Arabic bands. Enriching special occasions with the highly recognisable and entirely authentic sounds of the Middle East, our skilled music artists provide powerful performances that have the ability to draw rich personal emotion. 

Rich in Arabic culture and history, live Arab music is the perfect entertainment hire option for events that range from the exclusive and small scale through to full-scale gala events and large corporate functions. Our highly versatile music acts can adapt to suit your specific event theme and event requirements with tailored costumes and custom sound production.

Our elegant Eastern entertainment will bring a colourful taste of Arabic culture and artistry to your event, ensuring that your special occasion stands out from the entertainment hire crowd. With Arabic instruments that include the oud, rabab, ney, darbuka, mizmar and a wide variety of vocal styles; our skilled musicians are sure to wow you and your guests!

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