Hire roller skate dancers in the UK

Create a visual spectacle everyone will remember with epic roller skate dancing

Surprise guests with an artistic roller skating dance and enjoy an enchanting display of movement, gymnastics and spectacular roller skating skills.

Why hire roller skate dancers?

Roller skating is a unique form of entertainment guaranteed to excite guests and leave them totally transfixed. Entertaining adults and children alike, our roller skating acts feature dazzling costumes, special effects and daring feats that scream wow-factor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a roller skating performance?

A stunning showcase that’s high-energy, attention grabbing and fun! Our roller skate dance acts are incredibly creative and combine elements of dance and acrobatics within a seamlessly choreographed routine that is sure to impress guests.

Is my venue suitable for roller skate hire?

Before hiring professional roller skaters you should ensure your venue space has a suitable performance area with a smooth floor. Many of our roller skating acts can perform indoors and outdoors so long as the designated space is free of sharp items like furniture and equipment.

Can I hire a roller skating act outside of the UK?

Absolutely! Our global roster features outstanding roller skating acts all over the world so if you’re interested in roller skating hire outside of the UK, we can help. Similarly, if you’d like to hire local talent for an event overseas, our Entertainment Experts can handpick exceptional acts in accordance with your venue location.

Comedy Skating Duo
Featured Act

Spotlight on Comedy Skating Duo

Interested in roller skating hire? Meet our Comedy Skating Duo who not only entertain with amazing tricks, lifts and stunts, but keep audiences on their toes with hilarious jokes and comedy gags. Perfect for themed events, private parties and hotel entertainment, our Comedy Skating Duo are based in London and can delight audiences at events anywhere in the world.

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